My Natural hair journey

My big chop

I started my natural hair journey in June 2016 because my hair was starting to thin due to the relaxing chemicals I was utilizing and my hairline was very weak and starting to gradually disappear. I thought about this decision long and hard- I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to cut my hair.

One year and nine months after the Big Chop:


Things to think about before you do your big chop

Natural hair is very different to long and straight hair in many ways and so it might be a lot of work to maintain. If you cut your hair and you not doing it for yourself, you will find this journey challenging and miserable because natural hair comes with new lessons and a new routine to taking care of it. Natural hair is beautiful but stubborn at times and you may have to experiment with different products before you can actually decide what works for you and what doesn’t work for your hair. Styling your hair might be more time consuming and take more effort than relaxed hair.

Having a support system is essential, therefore think about who you will share this decision with, don’t tell everyone about it because they might not support you in your choice. They might throw opinions around like “Please don’t cut your hair, it’s so long”, “natural is painful to comb”, “it might not suit you” or “I wish I had hair as long as yours”. But in reality they don’t have the long hair that you have and they don’t understand the struggle you go through daily with this hair. So choose someone you know who is pro-natural hair and who will support you through every step and I mean it literally, my boyfriend supported me so much that he took initiative to cut my hair for me because peers it is not easy taking that big step.

Before embarking in the big chop, ask people around you how they maintain they hair and which products they use. I started following some natural hair blogs on Youtube to learn how to maintain my hair but I was really disappointed because mostly it is was American blogs with people with different hair definition and curls than us South Africans with 4C hair. Eventually I found I couple of hair blogs I could relate to and so I took a couple of tips and integrated them to create my own products.

My hair journey:

Cutting my hair was the best decision I took and I don’t regret it a bit. In the beginning it took me out of my comfort zone as I was learning and experiencing new challenges on a daily basis.

However, eventually I got the hung of it and my hair has been flourishing since then. Join me in my journey as I explain my wash day routine, how I maintain my hair, which products I use and the protective hairstyle’s that are good for your hair.

Scroll your mouse cursor on the pictures to see the photo captions:





4 Comments Add yours

  1. shazystone says:

    Seems it was all worth it 🌹


    1. Indeed Shazy, I really don’t regret it a bit


  2. Aisha O. says:

    Your hair looks great! Well done to jumping 😉


    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the support.


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