How I Moisturize my hair

Natural hair doesn’t have to be a challenge for you it’s just about learning and being patient with your hair.I had mentioned in my previous post that I make my own moisturizing products for my natural hair. As promised, I will share with you how I make my products and how I moisturize my hair after wash days and on a daily basis when I have my hair out.

What you will need


Leave in conditioner spray

  1. 50 ml water
  2. 50 ml conditioner R25.00
  3. 30 ml glycerin R11.00
  4. 10 ml  olive oil R30.00
  5. 10 ml castor oil R20.00
  6. Spray bottle R30.00

Using a container, mix all the above mentioned ingredients until you see that they are evenly mixed together. Pour the mixture into your spray bottle and this mixture will probably last you two weeks or more, depending on the length of your hair. I bought all these products at Checkers and the spray bottle at Crazy store but if you have an old one at home you can use that instead. I normally use a different conditioner compared to the one I use on my wash day, I just use a much affordable one as I will utilize it at least twice a day thus it will have the effect I want.

Cream Butter

  1. Raw Shea butter R100.00
  2. Coconut oil R60.00
  3. Olive oil R30.00

You can do this mixture in two ways, you can whip all the ingredients together or you can heat them all together. I prefer whipping it all together because it becomes much creamier and its much easier to do. Heating can be through a pot or microwave and do it on low or medium heat. The fun thing about this cream is that you can play around with the ratios for instance you can put in 70 ml of Shea and 30 ml of coconut oil and just 10-15 ml of olive oil will do. The Shea butter is quite expensive but think about it as an investment because the Shea I am currently using is a year old and I need to go stock up probably in winter. No! Raw Shea butter does not expire hence I am saying its an investment. You can find Shea butter at a pharmacy like Dischem, pick n pay also has it as well as these healthy organic shops in malls.

Moisturizing Routine

  • After a wash day when my hair is dry or semi-dry I firstly spray on the leave in conditioner generously, you don’t have to make your hair wet with it, just spray it like you would with any another spray.  On a daily basis I spray it twice a day, I spray it in the mornings when i style my hair and in the evenings when I prep my hair. This spray gives your dry hair moisture and it helps the hair stretch.
  •  For the cream butter, i apply it directly after I have sprayed my hair with the leave in conditioner. I do this in order to lock moisture into my hair and to add a bit of shine to it. I don’t want my hair to look greasy so I don’t apply a lot of Shea on my hair just a little bit, like I use the one finger technique at-least twice or three times if you have longer hair. And you also apply this twice a day on your hair after you have sprayed your hair of course.


  • In the case of coconut oil I use it directly on my hair only after my wash day then afterwards I prefer my Shea. You can alternate between the Shea and coconut oil, do not use them together at the same time because you hair is going to look ridiculously shiny and greasy and again its like you putting a double dose of coconut oil as the Shea cream already contains a reasonable amount of coconut oil in it. Also use the one finger technique when it comes to coconut oil you don’t need a lot peers, the little you apply actually goes a long way.
  • When I do not have my hair out because it’s in a protective hairstyle- I still do the same process. I spray my leave in conditioner between my cornrows and then go in with the cream butter between the rows. I do this twice a day as well until I take off my protective hairstyle.

Note that these products may not work for everyone and thus you can try other alternative products or use my ingredients along with those that work for your hair. There are so many healthy oils that are available out there so you can integrate that in your mixtures and you can use at least up to five oils if you want to, I use four oils (olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and glycerin) and they work perfectly for me. Making your own products is really beneficial because you save so much money and the products go a long way, for instance if you buy the above mentioned products today, they can last you at least five months or more depending on the length of your hair and I don’t know about you but I really love saving money.

Thank you! Feel free to ask any questions and to tell me about your natural hair routines.



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