The hairstyling Kit

The Hairstyling Starter pack


  • Leave-in conditioner spray
  • Cream butter
  • Soft n’ free styling gel [R32.00 Checkers]
  • Brush and combs [Cosmetics and pep]
  • Old stockings
  • Ribbons, clips and bobby pins [Cosmetics]

How to prep your hair

I always braid my hair down before I go to bed and this is to keep my hair stretched out. I firstly do my moisturizing routine then secondly I part my hair into for sections and braid 2 strand twists or 3 strand twists on each section using my hair. I sometimes braid it all down into cornrows or simply use wool to braid it into sections. I then proceed by putting on my scarf or doek before bed. In the mornings just unbraid the twists, moisturize and style your hair.

Experiment with your hair and research Youtube blogs on how other people style their Afro’s. Below I show my to go styles, I call them the “I’m always late for lectures hairstyles”.


Some practical guidelines when styling

When you apply styling gel to your hair, just apply a generous amount no need for putting too much, use the brush (it has hard bristles) to work the styling gel into your hair and then cover the part that has styling gel with a scarf and let it set for about 15 minutes. When using the stockings for a head band, don’t tie it to hard because it will give you a headache and also don’t tie a big knot with the stockings as it won’t look neat and lastly after you tie the knot tuck in the left outs neatly.  For the bobby pins, the part that is wavy is used to grip the hair better so when you pin your hair down just ensure that the straight part of the pin on top and the wavy part is at the bottom.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yolanda Masuku says:

    Very helpful. Thank u so much 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


    1. Thank you so much Yoli, so glad that I could help you out.


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